Design SHIFT was started in 2009 with the simple idea that with passion and focus small teams can deliver breakthrough products.
Built around a team of high-tech veterans and senior engineers, Design SHIFT partners with the best in the industry to deliver unparalleled service and value to their customers. We have worked with some of today’s market leaders to help them define their product requirements, validate usability objectives, kick-off their sourcing and manufacturing strategies and deliver best in class products. Design SHIFT engineers regularly push boundaries and are with our customers until their product is delivered and often beyond.


Product Definition

Our customers rely on our expertise to refine their product requirements. We engage with them early in the process and often influence product definition thanks to our understanding of technologies and platforms, our deep relationship with most of the industry silicon vendors and our knowledge of the latest trends. We make recommendations on architecture, drive component selection and are up to date on most major players roadmaps.

Fast Prototyping

We routinely help our customers validate their assumptions with quick prototypes. We go through iterations and develop both the hardware and the software that enables testing of the most important product features early on, when product design can still be influenced.

We build proofs of concept using reference designs and quickly move to form factor prototypes. To demonstrate both functionality and looks.

Program Management & Logistics

When it’s time to move your ideas to production, you can rely on our network of manufacturing partners and our tested RFQ process. Whether you want to transfer your design to a Contract Manufacturer or an Original Design Manufacturer, we’ll help you select the perfect partner for each program. Regardless of your choice, we work hand-in-hand with the engineering and manufacturing partners, tracking and managing their deliverables on your behalf. Our customers have visibility throughout the engineering

Quality Assurance, Reliability, Compliance and Certification

We work with our customers to determine the quality and compliance criteria, we ensure their product is tested thoroughly and complies with global and regional obligations. We determine the certification requirements for every product and work with all development and manufacturing partners to ensure certification schedules do not hold mass production.

Mechanical Engineering

We like to push the boundaries. For mechanical engineers, that often means tighter packages, innovative micromechanical components and a resourceful personality. We are well versed in the newest production methods, tooling options, material and finishes possibilities and compliance requirements. We don’t rely just on years of experience and relationships with the best in the industry, we often resort to finite element analysis to simulate EMI testing, drop behavior or thermal characteristics.

Electrical Engineering

Our team of electrical engineers like a challenge. They will design your boards and work closely with their mechanical engineering peers to optimize component placement and board layout. When we design boards for our customers, they own the design and the gerber files. Years of experience and state of the art equipment ensure a sound design reducing risks with EMI, thermal, ESD, RF performance and other compliance criteria… putting your product on the fast lane towards mass production.

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