Design SHIFT Announces Domino Series Payment Tablets at TRUSTECH 2016

POS Tablets that Offer PTS Approved PIN Transaction Technology

Design SHIFT is announcing their new line of DOMINO POS tablets at TRUSTECH 2016 in Cannes, the largest single event dedicated to Trust-Based technologies.  This cost-efficient line of Android mPOS tablets is designed using next generation, “PIN on glass” technology that allows customers to enter their PIN directly on the touch panel. The PIN is then encrypted and passed onto the merchant.  This is the latest PTS approved technology for PIN transaction security on payment devices.

The 7-inch and 10-inch DOMINO Tablets offer a sleek and elegant ergonomic design that is resilient to constant everyday use and built to support heavy workloads.  Using high-end materials and finishes, these tablets offer a high level of customization with the ability to do custom branding such as logo and packaging and add accessory options such as cases and printers. They are the perfect platform to showcase your software on its pre-certified PCI 5.x hardware.

Hardware vs. Software Security

With cloud based POS networks becoming more and more a part of everyday life, hardware security becomes more important than ever. While encryption software has become increasingly sophisticated, most computer hardware used around the world today can still be easily compromised by physical access. Products such as DOMINO Tablets are designed with banking security protocols, state-of-the-art authentication technologies and tamper-proof physical protection.

Visionary Integrated Hardware Security Solutions

Find out why companies like Maxim Integrated partner with Design SHIFT on cutting edge projects that require state-of-the-art physical security. Design SHIFT was started in 2009 with the simple idea that with passion, small focused teams can deliver breakthrough products that are ready to meet the needs of tomorrow. For more information on DOMINO and other secured computing technologies

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